Home Collection

Bed Collection

We produce high quality linen in all kind of compositions cottons, polycottons and others blended fiber in different qualities such as plains, stripes, jacquards,canvas, percale, sateens, flannel (with our our special innovative finishing supremely soft) or as per request of the client.

Our clients can require the textile products in grey stage, dyed, printed with different techniques or as final product (normal stitched, embroidered and packaged).

Bath Collection

Our towels are produced on the vamatex looms; plain dobby or jacquard, made of 100% high quality cotton, dyed with new techniques to preserve in time the maximum softness and brightness of colours or the printed.

The final product is normal stitched or embroidered and packaged as per client request. The bathrobes are generous sizing, made from top quality yarns, with our special finishing process for softness and colour brightness; stitched or embroidered as requested from the client.